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Wide hips

You have curves in your hips and thighs. Small to medium size bust, narrow shoulders with proportion to the hips and a well defined curvy ass.

The key to the perfect swimsuit is balancing your upper and lower body.

Our tips

For the lower part, choose models with a high waist and a Brazilian cut, which will help you narrow your hips and lengthen your legs.

Strapless bandeau tops are perfect for the smaller and medium bust, as are triangle-shaped bikinis and push-ups.

Textured prints and fabrics are a good way to add volume to the top.

The wide straps will help you broaden your shoulders and align them with your hips.

Remember that the key to looking good wearing swimwear is feeling good about your body. All styles are the best swimwear for you as long as you wear it with confidence.

Recommended styles