Nael Box


Nael Box is a box for you, in which you can include 3 available styles of bikinis or swimsuits of your choice that you will receive at home.

Without being rushed. No uncomfortable fitting rooms. Calmly. With yourself.

Choose three available styles in your size and pay 30 EUR.

You will receive them at your home so you can try them on calmly.

Once you’ve decided which ones to keep, pay the rest and return what you don’t want.

Otherwise, we will refund 100% of the amount, once we receive the return box.

Shipments are the responsibility of the client.

All our bikinis and swimsuits are disinfected after being tried by other clients. They must be tried with the hygiene protector on and returned in their original condition (hygiene protector, labels and organic cotton bag).

Do you need different sizes up and down? Do not worry, in the comments section of your order, you can tell us without problem.