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What we are

We are a sustainable swimwear brand for a free, strong and beautiful woman; with initiative, who gives herself to the search of happiness, who enjoys life and wants to feel more freedom and respect to her body.

She is moved by beauty, values and enduring but without leaving behind the fashion and trend.

Made for women by women.

This is a swimwear that cares for you and the planet

Because we are women and we know how difficult it is to face the mirror wearing a bikini and what a woman needs when buying a swimsuit. Because we all deserve to feel comfortable and safe with our bodies.

That’s why at Nael we design with your real needs in mind, with designs that naturally enhance and celebrate your body. With high quality fabrics and with a strong commitment to sustainability.

Our mission is to inspire all of us to feel free wearing a bikini while being responsible to the planet, creating an inspiring community that transmits freedom and power to the female body.

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About us

Our story begins in Shanghai when we were living, working and travelling continuously, visiting factories, shops and countries related to the textile industry.

In one of our trips, our desire to create a new brand began, sharing our values ​​of sustainability, fashion and passion for traveling. Moreover, we were feeling lack of freedom with our bodies wearing a bikini, so it led us to create Nael.

We are an emerging brand that prioritizes being transparent and doing things differently. Entrepreneurship is being a path defined by us as an emotional roller coaster, like life itself. You don’t get to everything, but you manage to keep going, keep moving forward, and continuously adding value.

Natalia & Elvira