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About us

Nael Swimwear is born from the need for a new responsible design, a design that seeks beauty in each piece while prioritizing respect for our environment.

Our philosophy is nurtured by 3 key concepts: fashion, sustainability, and travel.

Quality and durability guide all of our decisions as well as ethical production and the use of responsible materials.
That’s why part of our fabrics come from deadstocks from our suppliers. We give them a second life through recycling, avoiding its destruction and the related contamination. In addition, we use recycled fibers from plastic bottles.

In the combination of fashion and environmental awareness, Nael honors women through its creations: free, strong, and beautiful.

OUR MISSION: inspire women to embrace freedom wearing a bikini while being responsible to the planet.

OUR VISION: design, produce and sell sustainable swimwear for women creating an inspiring community that transmits freedom and power to the female body.